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Le Rocher de la Perouse - Foret au Duc

The "forêt au Duc"

Belonging formerly to Dukes de Bourgogne, it conceals several considerable granitic rocks among which: the "rocher aux fées", and the "rocher de la Perouse" which peaks as height as 556 meters.
Of the summit of the "rocher de la Perouse" the view is breathtaking, and allows to appreciate the wild beauty of the ravine of the Cure and a part of the municipality of Dun-Les-places. It is here that it is unwound the first parachuting of English weapons on November 23rd, 1942.
A viewpoint indicator was settled, she allows to put a name on the various points of view where alternate Forests of broad-leaved trees, conifers, pastures, water sources and also tiny hamlets.

Le lac du Crescent

The "lac du Crescent"

On the verge of the departments of the Nievre and the Yonne, the lake is situated on the territories of the municipalities of Chastellux-sur-Cure, Marigny-l'Église and Saint-Germain-des-Champs.

L'Abbaye de la Pierre qui Vire

L'Abbaye de la Pierre qui Vire (monastery)

The Sainte-Marie-de-la-Pierre-qui-Vire monastery situated on the municipality of Saint-Léger-Vauban in the Yonne is an abbey Benedictine established in 1850 by father Jean-Baptiste Muard.

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